The First Nations, Métis & Inuit Student Association (FNMISA) is where the medicine happens. We are an Indigenous student-run group within the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). The FNMISA’s purposes are to provide a variety of supports and resources to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) students. This includes support and preservation of the various cultural diversities of FNMI peoples, to advocate for services and resources necessary for FNMI students to succeed at Simon Fraser University (SFU), and to promote increased awareness of FNMI cultures and issues to the SFU Community.

To be a member of the FNMISA, one must have self-identified First Nations, Métis or Inuit ancestry and be registered in a course or associated with a faculty at SFU for the current, following, or previous semester.

FNMISA Members shall have full and equal participation rights of the fulfillment of quorum, access to FNMISA space and resources, motioning and voting at all FNMISA meetings, elections and eligibility for FNMISA Council, voting during FNMISA referenda, access to the open inspection of any administration documents of the FNMISA upon request addressed to the FNMISA Board, and to request a copy of the FNMISA Constitution and Bylaws of association.

Board Members

Joseph Marion

Position: Chair
Nation: Ojibway & Cree
Studies: Psychology
Favourite Food: Teriyaki beef on rice
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Life comes in stages, take your time in each

Peter Hance

Position: Vice Chair + Indigenous University and Academic Affairs
Nation: Nlaka’pamux
Studies: English Major, Public Policy Minor
Favourite Food: Ramen
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Live fast die young.

Kali Stierle

Position: Treasurer
Nation: Peepeekisis Cree Nation, Métis, German
Studies: Bachelor of Business Administration and Minor in Indigenous Studies
Favourite Food: Chocolate 🍫
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Be grateful for your elders. Give the people you love your full attention. They won’t be around forever but you have them today.

Angie Arrowmaker

Position: Social Media Coordinator
Nation: Dechı Laot’ı Tłı̨chǫ & Bisaya
Studies: Health Science
Favourite Food: My mom’s moose stew
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Choose to surround yourself with kind and supportive people. Take care of each other as you learn and grow together.

Erik Mohns

Position: Graduate Student Representative
Nation: Hupačasath
Studies: MSc
Favourite Food: Tacos
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Always embrace your inner child because you should have fun and smile each and every day. It’s ok to make mistakes.  I’m 80 and still make mistakes every day. The important thing is to learn.

Raven King

Positions: Indigenous Community and External Affairs, Special Events Coordinator
Nation: Cree-Métis-German, Peepeekisis Cree Nation
Studies: Public Policy and Resource and Environmental Management
Favourite Food: Blueberries
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: gwan den

Sienna Dickson

Position: Witness
Nation: St̓át̓imc Nation
Studies: Joint Major in Archaeology and Indigenous Studies
Favourite Food: ‘Neeps and ‘Rotts (mashed rutabaga and carrots)
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Chris Sanderson

Position: SFSS Council Representative
Nation: Peguis nation, Cree
Studies: Psychology/ Indigenous Studies
Favourite Food: Tacos
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Don’t judge, criticize or condemn anyone for anything, because you don’t know what someone else has been through

(Ju) Julia Stephens

Positions: Member at large
Nation: Wilp Gwingyoo wil witgwiy, wilps Gitlaxts’aamiks ii Laxgalts’ap wil di witgwiy, Ksm Git’wil’nak’il Laxgibuu niiy, Gitmaxmakay wil sgadiy, Ksm Nisga’a niiy
Studies: BA in Cognitive Science
Favourite Food: kiiyuuks and grease
Favourite Teaching from an Elder: Si’aamphl wilwillin, to be gentle with myself and Sayt-k’ilim-goot, One Heart-One Path-One Nation, no one gets left behind, no one goes hungry, everyone has love, everyone belongs and we all eat from the same spoon and bowl so we’re all successful with abundance and to always be mindful of one person can change everything so walk with light and kindness always